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LED Display

Transparent LED Display

Transparent led display

Transparent LED Display with modular design for easy installation and maintenance.

Aluminum structure within 15kg m/sq. energy saving and environment respect.

Suitable for making large screen.

Technical Parameter 


  • V Input : DC5V
  • Dimensioni : 0.5m * 1m
  • Pixel Pitch : P3.91-7.8
  • Density (Pixel/m) : 32768
  • LED : SMD full color – NATIONSTAR
  • Brightness : 1000 nit – 1800-2000 nit – 5000 nit
  • Refresh rate (Hz) : 1920Hz – 3840Hz
  • Drive mode : 1/16 scan
  • Warranty: 2 years
Glass wall screen

Installation methods

Schermi a LED transparenti
Schermi LED trasparenti per interni
Transparent LED Display

We have indicated the main information and characteristics, Contact us for more information.

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