LED display controller

LED display controller is a Synchronous – asynchronous player. It is with HDMI input and allows you to play program over WIFI, LAN or USB flash drive.

It supports up to 650 thousand pixels and applies to advertising machine.

  • Supports synchronous display by inputting HDMI signal;
  • Supports importing program by WIFI、LAN、USB、USB flash drive;
  • Setting up LED screen over internet;
  • Supports up to 1920 horizontally or up to 1080 vertically;
  • Multiple media formats, like videos, pictures and animations;
  • Multiple content formats, like video/image files, word, and database;
  • Supports most of driver ICs;
  • Scan mode ranges from static to 32 scan mode (both real and virtual pixel type);
  • Customize gray scale,up to16bit, 65536 levels;
  • Refresh rate: up to 3840Hz for scanning display,up to 6000Hz for static display.
LED display controller

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